Perceived quality. Making care more human Personalised treatment. More privacy and comfort Greater accessibility. Quicker response time Free choice of Hospital and Doctor Technology at the service of the surgeon

Stable job. Innovative payment system Opportunity for development and pursuing a professional career Teaching and Research Commitment to technology

Offloading of the public budgets Lower cost than average public management Investments paid for by the concessionaire during the management period Capitated payment. Financial risk transfer Innovation in Management Technologies and Systems Contribution of complementary Human Resources

In short, the new model offers a high quality public health service with the best assistance.
The key to the model’s success lies in the loyal and lasting collaboration between the Public Administration. The latter establishes the guidelines and the private initiative that should act with a public service vocation, with a long-term approach and the intention of continuance, as a clear commitment to the citizen and the professionals and a culture of consensus always dedicating itself to a top quality care policy.

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